Partner Practitioners

In order to provide comprehensive care for our patients, we have partnered with the following clinicians who practice in our clinic.

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Dr. Shannon DiCarlo, RN LAc DAOM

Dr. Shannon DiCarlo RN LAc DAOM began her career as a trauma nurse at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. From there, she continued her career at Georgetown University Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, and NYU Medical Center. Her passion was always holistic medicine, and through her own independent studies, it became apparent that optimal wellness is achieved through a combination of both Western and Eastern methods.


Dr. DiCarlo returned to graduate school at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, first earning a double masters degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology and later a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine.


After coordinating the Integrative Oncology Acupuncture department at Mount Sinai Beth Israel’s prestigious Comprehensive Cancer Center in New York City, Dr. DiCarlo returned to her home state of New Jersey to treat patients in a private practice setting.

Dr. Shannon DiCarlo, RN LAc DAOM
can be reached at:
Phone: 646-422-9199

Elise Warshavsky

Elise Warshavsky, LMT

Elise, a graduate of Lotus Palm in Montreal, is a practitioner of Thai Yoga Massage, an ancient practice, consisting of gentle pressure and stretching techniques to help relax and alleviate pain for the whole body. Elise also studied deep-tissue therapeutic massage at the Therapeutic Massage and Training Center.  Hypermuscle tension and chronic pain pushed Elise to discover massage as an integral part of a wellness plan.
Elise is also a registered yoga teacher who teaches restorative yoga and yoga nidra in hopes of bringing more access to this practice which can have a deeply calming and therapeutic effect. A regular yoga or meditation practice is the best “between massage” upkeep one could do for their mind and body.
Forever a student, Elise pulls from her toolkit of Thai Massage, therapeutic massage, yoga, and myofascial release, amongst others to help you explore your body’s current abilities and to remind your body of how it is able to be.
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Jill Friedbauer, PT, MSPT, NBC-HWC

Jill Friedbauer graduated honors with distinction from Northeastern University with a Master’s in Physical Therapy and has been a licensed physical therapist for over 20 years.


Jill’s enthusiasm for the field of health and wellness led her to become one of the first 3000 plus Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches in the United States.  She completed her training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Catalyst Coaching Institute and through the Dr. Sear’s Wellness Institute for Families, Pregnancy, Adults and Seniors.


While Jill has always been passionate about health and wellness, her impetus to become a health coach came from her own health transformation after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease almost 2 decades ago.  As a result, she wrote a book called Heal Your Soul, Heal Your Gut illustrating her health journey.  Jill also writes monthly articles for the Jewish Link on the topic of gut health and has a podcast on Spotify called Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Soul.


A married mom of 3, Jill enjoys reading, tennis, hiking, and fishing.

Jill Friedbauer

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