Are you taking Good Quality Supplements from a Reliable Source?

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Are you taking Good Quality Supplements from a Reliable Source?

Post by Dr Hagglund:

When Dr. Kuzniar and I recommend supplements, we are particular to suggest the highest quality supplements as a part of our patients’ overall treatment plans.  It is important not just to investigate the quality of the products you are taking but also the source from which you purchase them.  

Here are some of the criteria which we use to select your supplements:

Potency: if we’re going to use nutrients and herbs, we want to make sure that the amounts included are going to be efficacious. Many supplements use “proprietary blends” which do not detail how much of each component is in the product or use doses that are too low to be effective.

Quality: the supplements we recommend are batch-tested by an independent lab to make sure that what’s written on the label is what’s found in each serving. Unfortunately, there are many supplements on the market which do not contain active consitutuents (for example, they may be filled with rice powder).

Purity: the brands we select are independetly batch tested to make sure they do not contain any adulterating ingredients such as heavy metals, chemicals, microbes such as bacteria and fungi, or other toxins.

Stability: the brands we select also test for stability and bioavailability.

Sustainable sourcing: the brands we select focus on ingredients that are sustainably sourced whether it be fish oil or herbs.

Freshness: we make sure that you get supplements that have good shelf lives and have been properly stored to maintain potency and avoid oxidation.

Unfortunately, there have been many scandals regarding supplements purchased from sellers such as Amazon and Ebay. Some of the products are counterfeit, some have been mis-labeled, some have been improperly stored. NOT WORTH IT!

Dr. Leat Kuzniar ND
Dr. Leat Kuzniar ND

Dr. Kuzniar is a board member of the New Jersey Association of Naturopathic Physicians and is also a member of the Gastroenterology Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She currently holds a State of Vermont Naturopathic Physician license (as New Jersey does not yet offer licensing for Naturopathic doctors).